Cerebro Analytics

Gain a 360-degree view of your entire financial picture



Turn financial data into actionable insights and see how your business is doing in real time.

Revenue Analysis

See how your company is performing compared to prior years and forecast how it should perform in the future.

Profitability & Growth Analysis

Understand how you performed and take decisions to ensure future growth.

Expenses & Payment Analysis

Get instant insights into your expenses and know exactly how costly your operations are.

Collection Ratio Analysis

Measure and optimize the effectiveness of your business credit and collection policies.

Solvency & Liquidity Analysis

Measure your company's ability to meet business obligations and long-term goals.

Inventory Analysis

Keep track of stock quantity and quality, and know when to and how much stock to order when the time comes.


Analyze everything

Gain a deeper understanding of your financial health, uncover hidden trends and manage future events with predictive analytics. Discover invaluable insights simply by asking questions on an advanced analytics platform that adapts to your business needs.


Save on business expenses

Access information from anywhere, at any time and on any device when you move to the cloud. It offers better security by making it simpler to monitor who has access to what data and when. Your employees may safely share data with one another, even when working from home or on other devices.


Get the complete picture

Turn consumer behavior and market trends into actionable insights to make smart inferences, assess progress and create robust business plans. Utilize predictive analytics and statistical analysis to foresee risks, forecast outcomes and mitigate costly business interruptions.


Built by data scientists with you in mind

Understand how our four types of analytics can help your business and mitigate risks.
•Descriptive analytics give insights into what transpired in the past along with patterns that provide additional minutiae.
•Diagnostic analytics identifies problems and provides a deep understanding of its underlying cause.
•Predictive analytics employs past and current data to forecast future possibilities.
•Prescriptive analytics presents you with the best recommended course of action to take.


Stay on top of it all

Receive up-to-date snapshots of your business performance to enhance every aspect of your operations. Cerebro tracks your financial data and monitor market trends in real time to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, financial health and future prospects, in addition to minimizing risks and keeping your expenses low.

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